First-Rate Water Heater Repair Services

At Lake Forest Plumbing Pros, we know all about gas and electric water heaters. Our certified technicians are trained in the latest techniques for inspecting, repairing, and installing all brands of water heaters. This includes on-demand heaters generally referred to as tankless water heaters. If you are concerned about the condition of your current water heater, please don’t wait until the situation goes from bad to worse. Instead, give us a call as soon as you suspect a problem and we’ll send one of our local, Lake Forest, CA, contractors to your location to inspect the situation.

We take your concerns seriously . . .

That’s right! Whether you are tired of taking cold showers or you smell something in the air that is reminiscent of rotten eggs, we’ll show up to your door fast and help you figure out what is going on.

Our Gas and Electric Water Heater Services in Lake Forest Are Unrivaled

We don’t want you to stress over water heater repairs. Yes, the idea of a costly repair can be overwhelming. But many times the problem is relatively minor and easy to fix. Even if the situation is complex, our contractors go out of their way to find practical solutions that fit into nearly everyone’s budgets.

We price by the job . . .

Once of easiest way to save you money on water heater repairs in Lake Forest, CA, is our job pricing policy. Other companies in the area may still provide hourly estimates, but we know there is a better way to meet our customers’ cost concerns. Charging by the job allows us to provide you with an accurate quote for repairs. You’ll always know what to expect to pay when you choose Lake Forest Plumbing Pros.

Need Installation Services? No Problem!

Water heaters eventually die. Tradition gas and electric models typically last as long as 10 – 11 years. Tankless water heaters can last longer, averaging a lifespan of 17 ½ years. However, if you have hard water the lifespan of any water heater may be significantly lower due to the increased chances of sediment building up in your tank and leading to premature corrosion.

You can increase the chances of your water heater lasting longer by participating in regular maintenance programs offered by Lake Forest Plumbing Pros. You can also increase the chances of your new water heater lasting longer by allowing us to replace and install your new model. Improper installation can lead to problems that can significantly impact the heaters ability to work properly for you.

Lake Forest Plumbing Pros Is Available 24/7

For fast, affordable, and 100% warrantied service, give us a call today. Or, schedule an appointment online. We’re happy to help you with your water heating repair and replacement needs. We also offer affordable services like faucet repair and replacement, high-efficiency toilet installation, and more!