Inexpensive and Professional Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

On an average day, Lake Forest Plumbing Pros receives numerous calls from residents inquiring about residential garbage disposal repair and replacement services. The household garbage disposal is a useful kitchen tool, but this tool is often mishandled by well-intentioned property owners. The reason for misuse is frequently because people do not understand the limitations of their disposal, unaware that the average, residential disposal is made for light use and should only be used to grind up leftover food; not large quantities of food waste.

Garbage disposals are not armed with enough horsepower to accept large quantities of discarded food and other kitchen debris. When property owners put too much waste in their disposals, it can lead to clogged drains, leaky seals, and water damage.

The professionals at Lake Forest Plumbing Pros realize that nothing is quite as maddening as dealing with an uncooperative, stopped up kitchen sink. It is for this reason that we urge residents of Lake Forest, California to call us as soon as possible when trouble strikes. We’ll send a licensed plumbing specialist to your home right away to repair or replace your broken appliance.

Why Isn’t My Garbage Disposal Turning On?

Have you been in a situation where you turn your disposal on, but are greeted with silence or a slight humming? This happens quite often and usually it is a problem that you can solve on your own. Most of the time a disposal doesn’t start because it needs to be reset. Look under your kitchen sink and locate the motor to your disposal. Next, search for the reset button. Press this button then turn the disposal on again. More likely than not, the appliance will come to life.

If nothing happens, all hope is not lost. Look inside the receptacle and see if anything is blocking the blades, preventing them from moving. Using a tool such as tweezers or a pair of pliers, remove any food particles or objects that may be preventing normal operations. If you can’t find anything that could be causing a problem, or you remove an item but the disposal still won’t work, you’ll need to call for professional plumbing service.

Do I Need to Replace My Garbage Disposal?

Not necessarily. In fact, most disposal problems can easily be repaired. But, if yours is a case where the motor is damaged beyond repair or the cost to make certain repairs would cost more than to buy a new appliance then, yes, you may need to replace the unit. Before you get worked up about the cost involved with replacing your disposal, give us a call and let us send a certified plumbing specialist to your home to evaluate the situation. We’re quite certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable our garbage disposal repair and replacement services are in Lake Forest, CA.

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